The Hawaiian shirt is a summertime essential that no one should be without. Although they were originally worn only by surfers and celebrities, shades of this classic shirt have evolved into casual, fashionable day wear for every occasion. We decided to take on the task of narrowing down the best Hawaiian shirts available for purchase in order to make your decision to add one or more of these shirts to your wardrobe easier.

How to Choose The Perfect Hawaiian Shirt

Choosing the perfect Hawaiian shirt is a critical aspect of making sure you have a good time in Hawaii. It’s like picking out the right outfit for a party—you have to have one that makes you feel confident and comfortable, but it also needs to follow Hawaii’s dress code.

We’ve put together some tips on how to choose the best Hawaiian shirt so you can make sure your trip to Hawaii is as fun as possible! Your Hawaiian shirt should express your personality while being appropriate for the occasion: A Hawaiian shirt with palm trees on it might be perfect if you’re going out with friends, but it might not be right if you’re going to work at a bank. The key is finding one that matches who you are and where you’ll be wearing it.

Make sure your Hawaiian shirt fits properly: If your Hawaiian shirt doesn’t fit well, then you’ll feel uncomfortable all day long! A great way to get around this problem is by buying one that’s specifically designed for men or women (or both). You can also buy different sizes in case someone else wants an extra large or small size.

Don’t forget about fabrics: Most Hawaiian shirts are made from cotton or polyester, which means they’ll keep you cool during those hot summer days. However, if you’re going to be outside all day or in a very humid environment, you might want to consider linen or silk instead. These materials can absorb moisture better than cotton and polyester, but they won’t wrinkle as easily either!

Don’t go overboard with color: When it comes to Hawaiian shirts, less is more! You don’t want something that’s too bright or bold because this will make people uncomfortable when they see you wearing it at work or on a date night out with friends or family members.


The Hawaiian shirt is a wardrobe staple commonly associated with surfers and beachgoers. And while it can look best when worn on the right occasion, it’s important to consider what type of Hawaiian shirt you need before choosing one for yourself. Do you want a sharp pop-colored shirt or something more subdued? How about pockets or a button-up front? Perhaps you’re looking for a shirt that matches other items in your closet? The answer to those questions—and plenty more—will depend on the function your shirt will have. Consider your purpose, budget and taste to find the perfect fit for your Hawaiian shirt needs!