What is Halloween, and why is it a celebration?

What is Halloween and why is it a celebration

What day, or dates, falls on Halloween?

Halloween is a traditional and special festival in the West. It usually takes place annually on October 31, before the feast of saints in Christianity. Halloween is an opportunity to mark an end to the harvest season and look forward to an icy winter. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for us to remember together our ancestors or friends who have died. To this day, Halloween has become a popular festival all over the world, with a large/small scale depending on the country.

What is Halloween and why is it a celebration 1
What day, or dates, falls on Halloween?

The origins of Halloween

Halloween, a Western cultural holiday celebrated on October 31 and November 1, is rooted in centuries-old Celtic traditions. The festival originated as a religious observance in Ireland, England and France. According to Celtic beliefs, the line between the two negative and positive worlds was very thin during the winter solstice, making it possible for spirits of the dead to return to earth. Therefore, people lit fires and dressed up in many strange shapes to ward off evil spirits and welcome lost relatives back home.

The meaning of Halloween

What is Halloween and why is it a celebration 2
The meaning of Halloween

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated on October 31. Today, this holiday is most commonly known as a “costume party” and a holiday in which we dress up in costumes and go out trick-or-treating. However, it is more than just this. In addition to its religious significance to many people around the world, Halloween also has deep cultural meanings relating to death, rebirth and renewal.

The practice of remembering and honoring the dead

Halloween is a celebration of the first day in a series of days honoring saints, which is also a time for us to remember the deceased relatives. According to legend, Halloween is the day when spirits are allowed to return to earth to visit family members. If these souls receive many prayers from earth, they will soon be baptized and return to God.

Halloween is a day of exorcism and banishment of evil things

If we are talking about banishing demons and evil things on Halloween, we must tell an Irish legend. The story is about a dead man named Jack. Jack’s soul could not go to heaven because when he was alive, he was a very stingy, selfish person who did not know how to share with others. But this soul also could not go to hell because at the time of his birth Jack also played with the devil so demons would not catch him.

To help Jack find his way, the demons took some embers from Hell and put them in the pumpkin, creating a lantern to light up the path he took. To create more fire-trapping air, Jack also punched holes around the squash. That is why today, pumpkins become the main symbol on this occasion.

Halloween is a popular holiday, with many fun and exciting activities for children

What is Halloween and why is it a celebration 3
Costume Festival

Costume Festival

Halloween is a holiday that celebrates the supernatural and the macabre, and it is an activity-packed day for many people. When asked what day Halloween is, most people will immediately think of it as a costume festival rather than a religious holiday. This is understandable because the activity of dressing up as your favorite characters has become a feature of this festival.

The idea of dressing up as a strange shape is derived from the original meaning of exorcising evil spirits. However, over thousands of years of development, people have gradually forgotten this meaning and instead prefer to see Halloween as a more eye-catching and impressive fashion “show.” On this occasion, people can enjoy dressing up as their favorite role models or cartoon characters and marching happily through the streets.

Pumpkin carving is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages

After reading Jack’s story, you probably already understand what Halloween is, why pumpkins are the symbol of this day. Today, pumpkin carving activities during Halloween have become increasingly popular and creative. One can carve pumpkins into many different shapes: ghost faces are most often formed into lovely, childish expressions.

A child may knock on a door asking for candy

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A child may knock on a door asking for candy

Western children will answer that Halloween is the day to play “trick or treat.” This custom began to gain popularity in the United States in the 1960s. On Halloween, neighbors often dress up and invite each other to knock on doors to ask for candy. It is thought that these children are “playing” the returning souls, so giving candy also shows the sharing for the souls of the deceased. If not given candy, children can play dodgy tricks and poke fun at their hosts. However, today’s parents have become more polite about this game; homeowners who want to give candy to their neighborhood kids will often warn them first so that families who do not want to participate in this game will not be disturbed anymore.”

Halloween is the best time to get apples

The Celtics, an ancient tribe that lived in northern Italy, originated this practice. When the land of this people was occupied by the Romans, part of Roman culture was also introduced and developed here, including the festival of worship of Pomona — the goddess of fruit. According to legend, she often hid in baskets of fruit; apples—sacred fruits often used to worship the gods—were especially popular. Therefore on Halloween people often organize games related to apples such as taking apples in pots of water, peeling apples… It’s like a blessing ceremony.

Party organization

What is Halloween and why is it a celebration 5
Party organization

Halloween parties attract guests from all over the world. At these events, you can transform yourself into a character or wear an outfit dictated by the host. During Halloween parties, you will experience many games based on imagination and creativity as well as food that is decorated in bizarre but impressive ways.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, 2022. Please stay now to organize interesting parties with friends on this occasion! With the current epidemic situation, you can still have a fun Halloween party online without having to spend too much; give your friends some meaning from Halloween Gifts.

Traditional foods are served during Halloween

Pumpkin soup

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Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin is a typical symbol of Halloween, therefore, squash dishes such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin ravioli will be in high demand at this party. Pumpkin soup usually contains a fatty, mild sweet taste that is good for both children and adults.

Soul cake

Halloween is the day when souls are allowed to return to the world, so soul cakes are sometimes served at parties. This type of biscuit has a circular shape, with raisins on top and decorated with a cross-shaped symbol. To make more atmosphere for the party, you can also make soul cakes with more “Halloween” shapes such as skulls, for example. This cake is not too difficult to make, as long as you have a full set of household appliances such as ovens or beaters.

Barmbrack cake

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Barmbrack cake

Barmbrack is an Irish bread that contains dried fruits such as raspberries or grapes. On Halloween, it is common to add some extra items to this cake, including rings, coins, and cloths. If you choose a cake with a coin inside of it, this means that you will have good luck in terms of money in the near future. Conversely, the cloth symbolizes the difficulty that you need to face. Finally, the ring is a symbol of love predicting your upcoming love life; it’s also a great game for trick-or-treaters this Halloween season.

Colcannon mashed potatoes are made with special potatoes

What is Halloween and why is it a celebration 8
Colcannon mashed potatoes are made with special potatoes

Colcannon mashed potatoes are a traditional dish from Ireland, with the main ingredients being potatoes, milk, butter and some kale. You can make the dish more flavorful by adding pepper or bacon to it.

What day is Halloween? It is the day when children receive apple candy

The “Treat or Trick” game is an indispensable tradition on Halloween. People often give sugar-coated apple candies to children as part of the tradition. The method for making this candy is also very simple: just choose big round apples and dip them in syrup or sugar. Then decorate another layer of chocolate with nuggets, and that’s it! Let’s try something for Halloween this year!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have gained a better understanding of the following topics: the history of Halloween; its origins; its meaning; typical foods associated with the holiday and popular activities associated with it. Don’t forget to follow Bestgifttees Blog regularly to keep up with more interesting and informative information!